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Honor Roll News - Springville School

Springville School has been nominated for the Honor Roll of Vernon County Teachers and Schools, sponsored by the Vernon County Historical Society Capital Campaign/Elevator Fund.

11 other schools have also been nominated, including Van Wagner, Round Prairie, Brown (in Jefferson), Erickson, Clockmaker, Evening Star, Linrud, Sunnyside, Gardner, Liberty Pole, and Mound Ridge. The Vernon County Normal School is the only school so far to make it onto the Honor Roll.

The Springville School was organized in 1849. The two-story red brick school was built in 1892. The district consolidated with Viroqua Area Schools in 1962. The building was turned into a residence, which burned in 1996.

Springville School had the honor of being named the Vernon County Rural Demonstration Department for the Normal School in September of 1924. It was a practice school for student teachers. There were four cadet teachers every two weeks. A former student remembers of the cadet teachers, "They were young and sometimes played games with us." The Rural Demonstration Dept. was discontinued in 1934 although Normal School students continued to use Springville for student teaching.

Janet Welch, one of the Teacher Honor Roll nominees, attended Springville School for eight years and returned to teach in 1953-54 and 1957-58. She remembers when the lower floor was used for a class room and the upper floor was for community gatherings. It included a stage and backstage which were available for programs and plays.

There are 40 other teachers nominated for the Teacher Honor Roll. A teacher or school is nominated with a $25 donation to the Vernon County Historical Society Capital Campaign/Elevator Fund. When additional donations reach $500, the nominee receives Honor Roll designation and the name is added to a public display in the museum. All funds raised are applied to the Elevator Fund. The elevator was completed and dedicated in October 2016, but there are still some outstanding bills.

To recognize a favorite teacher or school, nominations and donations may be mailed to the historical society’s capital campaign: VCHS Capital Campaign, P.O. Box 444, Viroqua, WI 54665. More information is available at the Vernon County Museum, 608-637-7398.

Vernon County Historical Society Honor Roll of Teachers and Schools

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Elevator Update

The elevator is now up and running! It was completed in the fall of 2016. To ride the elevator, visitors enter the museum through the main door, proceed through the research room, and find the elevator located next to the stairs. The elevator takes visitors to the exhibit halls on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the museum building.

The first floor elevator entrance
The first floor elevator entrance

The Grand Opening was held on Saturday October 29. The museum was full of people celebrating the completion and taking elevator rides.

Dr. Robert and Janet Starr of Viroqua taking the first elevator ride
Dr. Robert and Janet Starr of Viroqua taking the first elevator ride.

front door to the museum

Our goal of making the Vernon County Museum handicapped accessible (HA) started in the early 2000's. In 2004 we completed Phase 1 - a new HA entrance and parking lot, as well as Phase 2 - a HA restroom. In the fall of 2011 the old boilers were removed and a new floor installed in their place. We now have a beautiful new conference room that is frequently used for meetings and educational purposes. Phase 3 of our project is now complete with the addition of the elevator. This elevator makes every floor and exhibit area available to all our visitors, as well as allowing us to bring major touring exhibits to our Museum. This addition will dramatically increase our Museum's public outreach and solidify the VCHS's mission well into the future.


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