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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


APRIL 30, 1919

Clean up season.

We pay 35¢ for eggs. Roman’s Grocery.

Andrew Larson has sold his Rockton mercantile interests to Mack McVey. The Larsons are announced to return to Viroqua to reside.

Workmen at Thompson Brothers’ grist mill are tearing down the temporary shelter built during the rush last winter, and will erect a permanent addition to the mill so that they will not be caught napping in the future.


The much heralded and long-looked for Southeastern gas car arrived from the shops at Minneapolis Thursday evening, and officials of the road “drove” to Viroqua Friday to test out the new vehicle.

The new “bus” is about half the size of a street car... The engine is a White 4 cylinder 45 horse power motor capable of a speed of 50 miles per hour... She’s still a “Tin Lizzie” for its not equipped with self-starter and must be cranked. The craft weighs 10,900 pounds.

Commencing May 1st, the gas-car will take the place of the LaCrosse train, making one round trip on its regular time... Trips will consume about an hour and forty minutes. Henry Weber is the engineer; Herman Anderson, conductor.

The Westby Times has added a type setting machine to its equipment – almost an absolute necessity in these days of help scarcity – and the Censor extends felicitations to its neighbor on the acquisition.

Beautiful silk dresses, latest modified styles at $10.98, Rogers.

A move is afoot... to organize a Viroqua ball team this season. There is plenty of material in sight to make it the finest amateur organization we have had.


APRIL 23, 1919

Trout fishing opens May first.

Now drag and bunt the roads.

Beautiful weather after a fortnight of rain, slush, and the worst roads we have experienced for many months.

Ole Rud has purchased the Viroqua bakery and restaurant from W.H. Ledman. He serves coffee and lunches all day and invites your patronage. He also wants a girl to work in the restaurant.

Parcels may now be sent to soldiers and civilians in the expeditionary forces without a request from person, approved by a regimental officer. The prohibition has been cancelled. W.S. Coffland, Postmaster.

It seems as though you must build if you want to live in Viroqua. L.L. Baptie has arrived at that conclusion, having purchased from Mrs. Edith Lindermann a lot adjoining her former home, on which he expects to erect a modern house, and move his family from Westby when it is completed.

Ladies, silk hose No. 53-0, fashion back, seamless foot, snug fitting; will out wear hose of equal quality weight and texture. Colors African brown, field mouse, Navy, black, and white, and only $1.25 per pair at Rogers store.

There is apparently no hope of cheaper meat, and stock raisers may expand to the limit without danger of a slump in the market... the meat animals of Europe are down to one-half what they were before the war, while 200,000,000 mouths were added to America’s quota to feed by the signing of the armistice. A drought in Australia has paralyzed the meat output from that continent.

If you have any potatoes for sale write or phone Roman’s Grocery when to deliver them.


APRIL 16, 1919

Spring is getting backward.

Dr. Mead will be found at this office above Dahl’s drug store all day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at other times he can be reached by calling him on the Liberty Pole line.

Due to failing health, Dr. Christenson has decided to dispose of his splendid herd of Guernsey cattle at the West Prairie farm. The entire herd will be shipped to Waukesha and sold June 4... Some of the most famous cattle in the Guernsey breed are contained in the Doctor’s herd, and his decision to sell them is a distinct loss to Vernon County.

LaFarge Enterprise says it is reported that a large amount of reconstruction work will be done on its branch railroad the coming season. We hope this is true for there is plenty to do in order to put the track in good condition. It would also be to the credit of the company and a service to its patrons if the road be reconstructed so that every river freshlet would not put it out of commission.

Springville – Our farmers are busy tilling the soil... The election dinner at the M.E. church was well attended, the proceeds was $21.50.

I serve ice cream this Saturday night and Sunday. Mrs. Snearly.

Miss Leona Heck has resigned as stenographer at the Ford garage and accepted a position at the First National bank.

New dress gingham again from 30¢ to 50¢, the best colorings yet at Suttle & Tate’s.


APRIL 9, 1919

The shady side of the street was sought by pedestrians on Sunday.

You trout fishers: Remember that the season doesn’t open until May 1st.

A little Victory child, Mildred Sutherland, is said to have sleeping influenza, and is receiving treatment in a LaCrosse hospital.

The red flag can be used no longer, except as a railroad signal a warning on highways, or as a quarantine signal by boards of health.

The sale of pickle association equipment sold at fair prices, Saturday, except the tractor, which brought $500, or one-half what it cost two years ago. Ed Zitzner bought it. Frank Robinson purchased the automobile.

A greater amount of maple sugar and syrup have been made in Vernon county this spring than for several years. Syrup is selling at $2.50 a gallon.

After thirty-five years of practically continuous service at the Goodell livery barns, Frank Primmer has retired, moving with his family to his farm two miles southeast of Viroqua, where he will renew the farming game of boyhood days.

All auto owners who have as yet failed to take out a 1919 license will run their cars at peril of arrest. Orders have been issued to arrest every car owner who operates his car without the necessary number plate. The order went into effect April 1st , and will be enforced to the letter.

DeSoto has a new physician, Dr. A.L. Myrick, who has already located. The new physician and surgeon recently returned from the army. He was located at Eastman for some years.


APRIL 2, 1919

By a substantial majority the voters of Vernon county, at Tuesday’s election, decided that a man, instead of a woman, is preferred to manage their educational affairs. The campaign was conducted in a spirited manner and leaves no doubt of the attitude of the people on that question.

With the city council or some committee or person familiar with the complete facts furnish for publication the information which the public ought to have before being called upon to vote $50,000 for a city hospital? This suggestion is made in all good faith.

The ferry between DeSoto and Lansing is again a reality for the season, with J.L. Adams as owner, pilot and captain. Three trips a day for passengers and vehicles.

After a long, hard siege the influenza has been raised at LaFarge, schools, churches and public gatherings resumed. LaFarge has been fortunate in few losses by death.

Carl E. Johnson, Esofea merchant, was in the city on Friday, for the first time since last fall. While here he purchased a Ford truck to use in carting his merchandise and the produce form his store between Esofea and the railroad stations in the city. Also the product of Esofea creamery. For two years past Buchanan Brothers have done this hauling, but asked to be relieved.

Viroqua is favored by the addition... Paul J. Koeppe... from LaCrosse. He purchased the barn and kitchen at the sale of county property last Saturday, and will dismantle them and erect a modern bungalow on the corner of West Decker and Center avenue. Mr. Koeppe is an expert decorator and painter...


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