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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


FEB. 26, 1919

First spring month opens on Saturday.

Norway KKKK fat herring 9¢ per pound for one week only at Roman’s Grocery.

George Nuzum and wife have moved back to the old home after several years residence at LaCrosse.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cade were greatly surprised Sunday, when their neighbors, rushed in without warning, with baskets well filled, good cheer, and gifts as well, to pay them a farewell visit. Having rented their farm, will soon move into their new home in Viroqua which Mr. Cade lately purchased from John Deters.

The past week has witnessed.... a continuous string of teams has thronged our streets, delivering at the depots and also to local handlers for sorting.

Since the 15th of this month twenty-eight cars of weed both in bundles and cases have been shipped….being of an approximate value of $200,000...

The unprecedented mild winter has created a situation in the ice business never known here before. The only approach to it was seven years ago, when the harvest was completed the first of March... J.A. Tewalt, Viroqua’s ice man for seventeen years, hasn’t a pound of ice in his [houses] and mighty small prospect of filling them. However a fair spell of below zero weather may yet come to relieve the situation. Several times the cutting of ice has been commenced at points along the river and then abandoned... Soft butter, sour cream and incLESS cream loom up as prevailing conditions during the torrid days of next summer. LATER: Wonder if our writing this on Monday was responsible for the present below zero spell?


FEB. 19, 1919

All kinds of weather.

Days are lengthening.

Will Ady has resigned his position at Gays Mills and accepted a position in Clark’s garage.

English services in Rev. Hofstead’s Bethesda church, Sunday evening at 7:45 by 7 Rev. Jacobson.

Ladies winter coats worth from $10 to $55 going at $3 to $29 this month! Suttle & Tate.

It is estimated that between 8,000 and 10,000 people died in state of Wisconsin from flu, and the scourge is not over yet.

Cashton Record says the physicians of Monroe county recently adopted a new fee bill, making a substantial increase in all their charges for professional service.

Suffrage for women in Wisconsin for presidential voting, went through the senate with a dash on Wednesday, 28 to 4. The assembly voted 80 to 8. Giving a total of 104 votes for to 12 votes against the proposition in the two houses.

Baker W.H. Ledman has leased the Weistenberg hotel and will thoroughly fumigate, renovate and modernize the same, putting in smoking and rest rooms. The bakery will be continued as in the past, short orders being served there but no meals...

Bad roads seem to have driven many of the buyers from the field and what little movement that developed last week seems to be pretty well at a standstill now. The major portion of the tobacco crop still remains unsold, and the outlook as a whole is rather discouraging.

DeSoto is to have a new restaurant, A.L. Williams, a former operator there having returned form LaCrosse for that purpose.


FEB. 12. 1919
Valentine day next Friday.

THE BOYS ARE COMING HOME! One by one they come back to the old haunts.

It is a goodly sight to gaze upon the faces of the boys who “beat the boche,” as each train brings them back to the old home. In a few months tine, all will be with us again – except that silent few who sleep in France and to whose memory our heads are bowed our eyes dimmed, and our hearts subduded in mingled grief and pride.

$2.00! Remember the Censor is $2.00 a year to all subscribers who do not pay in advance.

After six months in the service in the medical corps, Lieutenant M. R. Sathe has returned and resumed his practice. Previous to the war, Dr. Sathe was with Christenson & Gunderson of LaCrosse, and his return to Viroqua is a valuable addition to our corps of physicians.

One lot of calico 16¢; ladies’ and children’s winter coats at half price; men’s $2.25 blue stripe overalls $2; all our men’s work shirts at $1. C.H. Ostrem.

The utter stagnation existing in tobacco the past weeks has been broken this week, and buyers representing many of the local and foreign concerns have been in the field in a small... offers made range from 20¢ a pound for that in poor condition to 30¢ for top-notch leaf.

...the ban on public gatherings should be continued for ten days. If all is well, church services will be resumed on the 23rd, schools opening the following day.


FEB. 5, 1919

Chaseburg and vicinity is again blessed by having an experienced physician and surgeon in their midst. Dr. Wm. Remer, who has been in the army more than a year, returns to resume his practice, and there is gladness expressed over the fact. During his absence the community had no doctor.

Workmen have the tower of the village water tank erected and are working on the tank. The tower is 100 feet high and the tank is 30 feet high and 22 feet across. The tank will hold 80,000 gallons of water. It is estimated that his tank will give plenty of water pressure for all parts of town, and also enough for fire protection. Cashton Record.

Gus Lindevig of Avalanche, and C.W. Beeman of Brush Hollow were business callers on the Censor, Saturday. They advise us that the Avalanche creamery is to be transformed into a cheese factory, to open in the spring. Mr. Beeman has been engaged as cheesemaker and manager. He formerly operated Brush Hollow factory.

Henry Woodcock dropped in Monday to tell us that he had enjoyed a taste of fresh maple syrup that morning, made by his son Frank at Liberty from sap which ran during the mild weather of the previous week.

Many county roads have been fairly good for auto use and hauling for a few days past. In many districts highway overseers have dragged and bunted the roads.

Farmers have been plowing in different sections of the county.

The Prairie du Chien Press says the Mississippi river has the highest stage of water this winter... standing about six feet at the local gauge. In years past it got as low as 2.5 feet and three is very common.


January, 1919