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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


SEPT. 24, 1919

Fair next week.

Do your full share for next week’s fair.

Now close up tobacco harvest.

Geo. B. Fisher went to Waupaca county and bought a car load of potatoes. He says they have little better than half a crop in the potato belt, of fair quality.

Saturday last was one of the warmest days of the season. It was really August heat.


Enthusiastic Meeting on County Seat

The function of the committee is to look over prospective state trunk lines of highway and make suggestions to the entire commission as to the location of new routes and changes in those already established. It seems that... we of Vernon are entitled to about thirty miles additional trunk line this season.

Engineer Donaghy spoke... saying that Vernon county now has the best class of clay roads of any county in this state, but they are not good in the spring, fall and winter, and a 365-day road is desirable.

The meeting, an enthusiastic one, accomplished no direct action... The committee made personal inspection of the proposed routes from Hillsboro west, also covered to Mississippi proposed route. Rain prevented a more extended survey of the county as a whole.

Fair week Johnsons will have 2,000 (all tobacco) cigars to sell at 5¢ each.

There was a hard smash at the Star Theatre front last Thursday, when a driver on the Wheeler meat wagon backed up to the place to take on some things for removal. While he was momentarily absent the team backed the vehicle over the curb and into a large plate glass... the team took flight and ran away.


SEPT. 17, 1919

Two weeks from this time the big Vernon county fair and agricultural exhibit will be in full force. Bad weather conditions can only detract from the program mapped out... track put in good condition for the races... Mrs. Potter’s Madison areoplane will make flights every day... the machine will be used to make trips for passengers who may desire to experience the sensation of a trip above the clouds.

Season tickets $1.00; good during fair; day tickets 50¢; children under 15, 25¢. Autos will be admitted free.

Clerk Dahl completed census and finds there are 755 pupils, of school age in the district, 300 boys, 365 girls. Last year there were 363 boys, 367 girls. In that portion of the district outside the city there are now 29 boys and 29 girls. Last year there were 28 boys, 33 girls.

City council passed an ordinance permitting the LaCrosse Inter-State Oil Company to locate oil tanks on the track of the Southeastern road immediately south of the creamery.


When the doors of the County Normal Training School opened last Monday morning for the thirteenth year of its establishment it was not with the membership, but under most auspicious conditions regarding opportunity and splendor, and the surroundings are delightfully ideal and prospects for obtaining equipment for useful futures rare. The regrettable thing for consideration is the fact that in the enrollment the name of no young man student appears, the first time in the history of the school, we believe, that such has been the record... The final cost is around $65.000.


SEPT. 10, 1919

Congressman Monahan has introduced a bill to give Prairie du Chien a postoffice building. This section, although not too well equipped in that respect, is much more in need of a better mail system than a building. Patrons within ten miles of Viroqua are unable to get their county seat mail much under a week.

Henry Anderson is preparing to move his meat market equipment to the east room now occupied by the Williams feed store, so that Ed Lind may take possession of the block to be vacated, which he purchased some time ago. The Williams stock will be consolidated in one room.

Frank Knower & Sons of Harmony dropped ears of Silver King and Yellow Dent corn into the Censor office that are surely fine specimens. One of the Knower boys secured first in the corn contest two years ago, and they plan to have a fine exhibit of poultry and farm products this year.

Tobacco harvest is not more than 50 per cent completed. It is of much better growth and quality than was expected a month since. We are in infinitely better shape than other growing sections of the state. Lack of rain has naturally stunted growth. By all odds the Vernon tobacco crop will excel other places where the crop has general cultivation.

Government has printed a list of the things that are taxed. This is an example of government waste. Think how much cheaper it would have been to print a list of the things that are not taxed.

Ladies are invited to inspect my new stock of fall and winter millinery. Most complete line ever offered in the city. Ethel Atwood.


SEPT. 3, 1919

One of the really exquisite months of the year.

H.H. Rabbitt and crew of workingmen recently cleaned up a $3,000 job of concrete work about the county training school premises, putting in outside walks, gutters and curbs, also inside walks and approaches, including a spacious drive between the school grounds and the residence of Dr. Surenson. In connection with the curbs and gutters extended clear across the north and east side of that block, the improvement is very noticeable.

John P. Joyce is always first to discover Jack Frost in his seasonal pranks. For four mornings the past week, he found white frost on the grass in the low spot near the Southeastern round-house. A.F. Shilling reports white coating in Liberty town. No damage done to vegetation in these or other places.

Vernon County Training school opens September 15th in the new building. Those having one year or more of high school work are eligible to enter.

The store at Newry, owned by Paul Overgard, was entered by burglars on Sunday night of last week, and $25 was taken from the cash register. Nothing else was touched. The robbers entered by forcing the store door as we are informed. There seems to be no clue to the identity of the burglars. We glean from the Cashton Record.

At Ontario, Friday night, a dance was held on the street to celebrate the event of the pavement of a village block. It was a novel and joyful affair and joined in by many people from village and country.

Westby and LaFarge schools open next Monday.


August, 1919