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'Honor Roll of Teachers and Schools’ Continues to Grow

Several years ago, the VCHS established an Honor Roll of Teachers and Schools as a way to recognize and remember both teachers and schools that have made a difference in people’s lives. Any teacher in Vernon County, whether currently teaching, retired, or deceased, and any school, past or present, can be 'nominated' with a $25 donation. When additional donations for that teacher or school reach $500, the teacher or school is placed on the Honor Roll - listed on the Historical Society’s website and on a photo display in the museum.

Through Honor Roll donations, over $23,000 were raised during the capital campaign to build the elevator at the museum. Now funds are directed toward upkeep/improvements of the 100-year-old Normal School/Museum building.

The Honor Roll continues to be a way to celebrate and remember individual teachers and schools - and to help the Normal School building continue to serve our county in the 21st century.

To recognize a favorite teacher or school, nominations and donations may be mailed to the historical society: P.O. Box 444, Viroqua, WI 54665. More information is available at the Vernon County Museum, 608-637-7396.

Vernon County Historical Society Honor Roll of Teachers and Schools

The teachers and schools nominated below still need additional contributions of $25.00 or more to add up to $500.00 before adding them to the honor roll.

Honor Roll Nominees