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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


FEB. 23, 1921

Will Devlin has closed his restaurant and disposed of most of the stock and fixtures to Keegan & Helgeson. It is rumored that a Richland Center party will occupy the same with a shoe store.

Chairman Spellum was up from Coon Valley, Friday, and met with the committee on public property, who let the contract for the painting and decorating of the interior of the Court House. The job was awarded to a LaCrosse party at $2,000. The old Court House is going to look very respectable after all the betterments planned by the committee are carried out.


Notice is hereby given that the shimmy and other immoral dances will not be permitted in any dance hall, restaurant or public place in the city of Viroqua. This is in accordance with the state wide move to abolish these objectional [sic] dances. CITY COUNCIL.

Mike Hanson and John Gorsline were in from Liberty Pole Thursday to deliver their ten-acre crop of tobacco. They sold early to Dickenson & Carter at the fancy price of 42½ and 15 cents. Their crop brought them the neat sum of $6920.41.

The Blue River Informer suspended publication with its last issue last week. The publisher, J.E. Rockhill, transfers his equipment and effort to LaFarge, where it will augment the outfit in the Enterprise of that village, which he will continue.

Men’s Oxfords at Anton Olson’s Basement shoe store, $3.75, $4.75, $5.75, $6.75.

You can get Green Bay fish at the stone Barn every Thursday. C.H. Holbrook.

Butcher Chris Sather caught his hand in a meat grinding machine Monday morning with the result that two fingers were badly chewed. Luckily, amputation was not found necessary.


FEB. 16, 1921

Ladies of the Viroqua United Lutheran church had a “man-size” job on their hands last Friday night when a large part of the town filled the church basement and partook of a most appetizing lutefisk supper. Four hundred fifty were relieved of their hunger, and proceeds were $211.

From Saturday morning until Tuesday night, spring and summer temperatures prevailed over Wisconsin. Snow has disappeared and the roads are almost as bad as in the regular spring breakup. Freezing temperature today, with a high wind, threatens to make them go solid in just about the worst shape possible.


The Troop is advancing along all lines and expects to be a first class military organization. Although handicapped by a small Armory the fundamentals of the school of a soldier, guard movements, fire-arms and patrolling have been taken up. Athletics are being pushed as fast as funds will allow us.

Soldiers Grove defeated our high school basket ball team at that place last Saturday night by a score of 16 to 27. The game was hotly contested throughout. The boys were puzzled by the floor and wall arrangement there...

While working at the count rock quarry on Thursday, Geo. Miller threw his knee out of joint. He was brought to the Snell hospital and then taken to Dr. Wm. Trowbridge’s where an X-ray was taken to reveal the position of the bones.

Easter is coming! Have your measurements taken for a new suit of clothes. S.C. Dregne, Readstown.

Alex Nelson brought his five-acre crop of tobacco on Tuesday... Friend Alex added $2600 to his bank roll in the deal.