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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


MAR 28, 1923

Next Sunday is Easter – the great day of the Christian church – the day of the Risen Christ – and if ever there is a time when every one of our people should attend church it is THIS day... It is earnestly hoped that the chilly weather with which we have suffered during March will give way to springtime warmth for Easter Sunday.

Merchant J.H. Quick of Viroqua is undergoing treatment at St. Mary’s hospital in Madison. Last Saturday he submitted to a lumbar puncture for examination of spinal and brain fluid.

The chemical analysis of water from the new city well shows it up most favorably in comparison with water from the old wells. In fact the solids, and particularly soap consuming solids, are so reduced that it is classified as soft water.


Plans were made to carry on the rural practice work during the present week; but owing to the condition of the roads, this was impossible. It is hoped that this work can be done during the third week in April. About thirty rural schools will be selected and each senior will spend a week observing and teaching on one of them.

Owing to the ever increasing number of bank burglaries all over our country it has become necessary for all banks to protect themselves against the yeggmen. Last week the Farmers & Merchants State bank of Stoddard Wis. Installed the latest and most approved typed of burglar alarm system on the market.


MAR 21, 1923

The Viroq1ua City Council has voted to build a new fire station... That old shack of a fire house has certainly outlived its usefulness. It is not only old and inadequate in size but constitutes a real menace to the new truck... a $10,000 investment is too valuable not to be protected.

The new structure will be 30x40 feet, full cemented basement, two stories above the ground... The completed cost of the building will be about $6,000. The old fire house will be wrecked, the good lumber used in the construction of the new station and the new building erected upon the site of the old one.

Ice cream and fresh oysters always on hand. We want you to come in for your lunches and meals. We know you will be satisfied. Snearley’s Restaurant in the old Censor office building.

Viroqua is experiencing something of a diphtheria scare. As is usual in such cases the reports and rumors are grossly exaggerated. At the present time there are at the very most not over three cases in the city, while there were wild rumors to the effect that there are forty or fifty cases... The situation is not alarming in the least.

They say there is nothing new under the sun... last Saturday when M.D. Ames came in with a piece of hen fruit the like of which we had never seen or heard of before. The egg was large, measuring seven inches in circumference and four and a half inches from tip to tip. Large, double-yolked eggs are fairly common, but this one was different. Inside of the large egg was a second egg, perfectly formed, hard shelled, and almost normal size. Both eggs had yolks, whites and shells.