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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


FEB. 27, 1924

Here is the very best of news for the people of Viroqua and community. The Northern Wisconsin Pool warehouse in this city will open for assorting on Wednesday March 5th. The Pool warehouse at Coon Valley will also open on the same date...

The Pool is calling for forty assorters for the Viroqua Warehouse. It is expected that a crew of about 60 people will be employed.

The city of Viroqua is certainly taking on an “air” of modernness these days. Scott Lake’s plane has been here a couple of weeks, and every day regales the people of this community with flights... Saturday afternoon, [Aviator Jack] Smith flew in with a new plane for John Jackson. He flew this ship from 60 miles the other side of Chicago to Viroqua in 3½ hours, stopping for gasoline at Spring Green... Bernard Root has a new plane ordered, but we do not know when this will arrive. A fleet of three planes in Viroqua is quite a distinction...

New spring wall paper at Q.E.Davis’ Drug Store.

County Normal Notes

Supt. Sanford’s resignation to accept principalship of the County Normal at Ladysmith and Miss Mahoney’s appointment as his successor made quite a difficult situation for our school. Mrs. Henry Lindemann has again come to the rescue by kindly consenting to take charge of the practice work for a few days until a successor to Miss Mahoney can be secured.

Westby, February 25 – The school board is making preparations to begin building, as quickly as possible, the new High School building... The new building is to be built parallel with the old one so that later when the gymnasium is to be added the two buildings will be joined...


FEB. 20, 1924

Oscar Thurin has purchased a half-interest in Edward Lind’s Show Store and will take up his duties there next Monday morning. Mr. Thurin has for some time been a popular and obliging clerk in the City Grocery... Messrs. Lind & Thurin will immediately make a large increase in their fine stock of shoes.

A big sleigh load of young folks came down from Westby Sunday evening and took in the show at the Temple Theatre.

George Pennell’s restaurant has received a very thorough renovating and redecorating making a marked improvement in appearance of the same.

Jack Tewalt on Saturday completed the big job of putting in 850 tons of ice for eht [sic] Milwaukee road and the Viroqua Crystal Ice Co. – finishing the same in good time without accident or mishap of any kind.

Genoa, February 18 – Very much wood is now being hauled from the Minnesota side from the island... Several car loads of fish is being shipped this week which are being sold to Erlic’s... Several of our young people were given a sleigh ride party to Stoddard last Wednesday evening.


Last week a communication was received from a correspondent which contained a number of items apparently written with the palin desire of injuring the feelings of the persons mentioned. There is no more disposable [sic] method of venting small petty grudges than imposing on a newspaper to accomplish this. The Censor is using every endeavor to locate the party who wrote this batch of news from Buck Creek, and for our protection and the protection of our readers in the future we wish to announce that we will absolutely refuse to publish any unsigned communications from this on... We will not publish your name; we want it simply as a guarantee of good faith.