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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JUNE 30, 1920

Ristow and the road committee were at Genoa Friday, and surveyed and purchased the right of way on the Venner hill on the Viroqua-Genoa road. This will complete the hill construction, one of the biggest and finest jobs of heavy grading in the county. About six more patrolmen are needed in the county.

The Viroqua Egg Market is paying 37¢ per dozen for eggs this week, and will pay better if the market will permit. Take your eggs to the Williams building.

STODDERD – June 23 – A large celebration is planned for July 5th. Among the main attractions are N.L. Moll aviator of LaCrosse who will give an exhibition in his Curtiss plane and Westby’s 30 piece band and two good ball games... Anton Lee has opened an ice cream parlor and lunch room in his building near the Burlington depot.

On a wide road near Springville, Sunday evening, some unprincipled road-hog with a big car forced Hal Smith into the ditch and side swiped his Ford, damaging it and bruising the party.

You can get chocolate, strawberry, grape nut and New York ice cream by the dish or in bulk every day at Geo. Pennell’s restaurant.

H.H. Rabbitt and crew are making some improvements in and about the court house and jail, and also repairing the sidewalk on Decker St. along the county property.

The town of Viroqua will soon be without an official home, and the board intimates that unless the city co-operates with them in finding a new one they will pull stakes and move to Westby.


June 23, 1920

Several thunderstorms accompanied by hail have caused considerable damage to corn and tobacco in different sections of Vernon county. Dell, Newton, Cashton, Pleasant Ridge just south of Viroqua, and other localities report hail... The cool weather will do wonders for grain and hay, which was heading out rather short.


Then go to Edward Harrington’s jewelry store and buy a pair of auto goggles. Take care of your eyes. You have only one pair.

Farmers’ Equity has commenced construction of a 30x40 warehouse at Hillsboro near the depot. It will be a tile block building.

Artesian water supply at DeSoto has been extended up the main street, a hydraulic ram forcing the water up the street from the well.

The heavy rain of last week took out the dam at LaFarge as usual, and caused high water all down the valley, in addition to leaving LaFarge lightless and powerless.

Wm. Crume’s heart is gladdened in the receipt by the town of Franklin of an Austin Giant grader on Tuesday. He informs us that twenty-six miles of highway have been graded by the little machine they have been using.

Jack Henry is moving his laundry business into the Roman building just north of Browns’ music store. As soon as proper alterations are made in the building vacated by him, it will be occupied by the Vernon County Censor office as a permanent home. Our patrons and subscribers may expect to find us in our building north of Mullens’ grocery within a month.

Chester Malosh of Forest caught a 19-inch trout, weighing 2 ½ pounds, near Trippeville.