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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JUNE 25, 1919

A much-needed overhauling and renovation of the seat of our county government is commencing to take form. The addition erected for the county judge about fifteen years ago, and which has not been cleaned up since being built, has been scrubbed and Mr. Keoppe is adorning the same with a coat of paint. Eventually this will be done to the entire building.

It is a pleasure to live in a county that is first in something. Vernon county is first in the state in having the largest number of Jersey breeders. There are 60 farmers in Vernon county at the present time... Our county is large, rich, fertile and prosperous enough to be first in many more things.

During this hot weather, get your ice cream, sundaes, sodas, phosphates, clarets and soft drinks at the Optima.

John Devlin put an extensive addition on the second story of his building occupied by the meat market. Three new rooms and a large rear porch will give them far more comfortable living quarters.

All business places in the city of Viroqua will be closed all day on the Fourth.

An abundance of ladies’ rest rooms will be placed at the service of the women and children. For this purpose, the Farmers’ Bank rest room, the office of the Ford garage, the Library rest room, and all of the club rooms in the city have been secured.

A complete line of summer underwear for men; union suits in both long and athletic style. The Blue Front Store, Ellefson & Johnson.


JUNE 18, 1919


Program for the big Fourth of July soldier welcome is taking form and the day is surely going to be a hummer.

Some time ago I published a list of Vernon County’s dead and wounded soldiers... we have probably at least 23 dead from battle wounds, 15 dead from disease in Europe, 15 dead from disease in U.S.A., 66 wounded and gassed, and that is not all. We are trying to get a complete list of the Vernon county boys and girls who were engaged in this world war.

Save your little chicks by using Avicol. O.E. Davis, druggist.

People in the western section of the county take much pleasure in going on steam boat excursions on the Mississippi.

Liquor dealers in all the license points of the county are making applications for saloon permits on the assumption, we presume, that war-time prohibition will not be a reality on July first.

Reports of awful conditions in state and county patrol highways come from all directions. It is the first duty of the town and county authorities to fill up mud holes. Bad recommendation, it is, for any community to retain roads sinks that necessitate extraction of vehicles from quagmires.

Manager Ben Brown has just spent more than $500 in bringing his moving picture house up to the most modern standard.

The last two weeks have been marked by excessively hot weather, punctuated by terrific rains nearly every day. And how the stuff does grow! But weeds are bothering the corn quite badly.


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