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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


OCT. 19, 1921

Martin Fortney has sold his store and dwelling house at Liberty Pole to Ole Forde and Olaus Gunderson of West Prairie, Wis. Mr. Forde is an energetic farmer while Mr. Gunderson has had business experience in the west. They should make things hum at the Pole.

Your fattening hogs will do much better if you feed Hess hog warm powder. O.E. Davis.

Our friend, W. C. Miller of Springville recently shipped a pair of calves to his children in Archer, Iowa. He placed a valuation of $25.00 upon them – and the transportation charges on them amounted to $29.30. This is just about the most concrete example of highway robbery that has ever come to our attention.

Our linotype operator, Mrs. Louis Sime, is confined to her home with a severe cold, so the work is going somewhat lame and crippled. This is the fifth consecutive Wednesday that either illness or machine breakage has interfered with us.

The new driveway at the court house park is completed and will soon be opened for use, making a substantial improvement there that is very noticeable.

A crowd of at least 3000 fans gathered at Soldiers grove last Sunday to witness the deciding game of the season between Viola and Richland Center. Big Bean once more proved his supremacy as a pitcher, leading the Viola team to victory and ownership of the coveted pennant by a 2 to 0 score.

Fred Myers of Hillsboro was burned to the extent that death followed on Saturday. In building a fire in the morning he poured kerosene on live coles. The flames entering the container and it exploded, burning his body so severely that death soon followed.


OCT. 12, 1921

The Masonic temple is a strange and weird sight just now. A veritable forest of 4x4 timbers are bolstering up the framework of the second floor and the tile and reinforcing rods are in place ready to receive the concrete. When this is done the theatre building will next be enclosed, the temple walls run up to the roof and a temporary roof put on so that work may continue uninterrupted by cold weather.

Go to Johnson & Vigdahl’s grocery store and get two pounds of Good Luck coffee. The quality is high, the price reasonable, and in addition you get a beautiful piece of chinaware free.

VIOLA NEWSLETTER – Tom Hebberd and his crew of men and teams began the work of tearing up the road preparatory to putting in the cement street Monday.

Two state and one federal prohibition officials descended on Viroqua last week and sure did make a clean-up. At the Sutherland restaurant at Readstown they found and confiscated a fine still in operation and a large quantity of liquor, part of which they destroyed and brought the rest to the county seat as evidence. Liquor was also found at the Ross Bankus place. A still in operation was found at the Mike Hanson place and a still at Sever Tully place not in operation. We understand that other arrests are expected, and the raids of the officers will no doubt have a very salutatory effect on the illicit liquor trade in this locality.

Mrs. Oscar Shepherd and her husband were driving along the road at Kickapoo when they noticed the train coming... so he speeded up his car in order to beat the train over the crossing. It is a rough crossing and the jolt threw Mrs. Shepherd into the top of the car... her lip was cut quite badly.