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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


AUG. 4, 1920

After several weeks of arid weather, an all-day soaking rain has descended upon Vernon county as the Censor goes to press. It will be worth half a million dollars to Vernon county farmers.

Late tobacco will reap tremendous value from it, but the early weed has advanced to far... and will be very light... Early potatoes are past help, and between drought and hoppers the crop is nothing to brag of... Pastures were beginning to brown up considerably and the copious rain will be a God send to them.

The fire department was called out Saturday morning to quench a blaze in a pile of rags and egg cases in one of Sam Gross’ warehouses. Damage was not serious. The fire resulted from spontaneous combustion.

Vig & Tuhus have sold to Schroeder Bros. the general store in Stoddard, taking in the deal the former Lindemann brick block in Viola. Consideration about $30,000.

Contractor Mulholland and crew of twenty-five men are commencing to make things hum on the sewer job... The ditch from the sewage disposal station below the Southeastern round house is now being dug, to connect with the Main street sewer near Broadway. The link on the North Main street hill will then be put in and if possible to secure the materials for the sewage disposal stations, it is possible that the Main street and northern city district can be in operation this winter.

Decker and South Main Streets will be next in order, because they are in line for paving and must have time to settle.

Ladies white silk gloves, 60¢ quality, sale price 39¢ per pair. Our 75¢ quality, sale price 49¢ per pair. Rogers.


JULY 28, 1920

A real circus – Jinx, Thursday.

Work on Viroqua’s sewer contract will soon be commenced. The contractor and crew are now on the ground but are handicapped by lack of transportation for their heavy equipment.

No sprinkling streets or lawns without first obtaining a permit.

Westby has received her charter and is now officially a city with three precincts. Our warmest congratulations are extended.

Shortage of labor and materials continues to hold up the county road work.

The Hillsboro-Tripville road will be completed in about a week.

Right-of-way on the LaFarge-Cashton road has all been bought and work commences right away.

The committee goes Thursday to get the last piece of right-of-way for the big LaFarge bridge.

The Cunningham bridge in Viroqua town on the Viola road has been completed... This crew is now moving to Newton to complete the Townsend bridge.

Board at the Unique Restaurant $6.50 per week.

The first [highway] census in Vernon county was taken on Sunday, July 25th at the old Gunerius place in Franklin, at the Junction of Routes 27 and 11... The amazing total of 652 vehicles passed the corridor between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. No wonder it is next to impossible to keep a smooth surface on our roads. Of this number 615 were domestic cars, 19 foreign cars, 7 trucks, 6 motorcycles and ONLY FIVE HORSE DRAWN RIGS. This is more than double the counts of last year... if the Townsend bill passes, Trunk line No. 11 will become a Federal road and will stand a fine chance of being completely paved in a short time.