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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


APRIL 7, 1920

While at Andrew Johnson’s, assisting in loading a hog, Steener Jacobson sustained a broken leg.

Men of the Methodist church fed about two hundred people at their fine supper Tuesday evening.

Carl Gilberts and John Slette of Newry section, were in the city on business today. While here Mr. Slette bought Selmer Sherry’s span of fine bay geldings, full brothers, 5 and 6 years old, price $400.

The usual round of spring altering and renovation is getting under way. Albert Larson has made extensive repairs and additions to his home, Brown Music Company have erected fine phonograph demonstration booth, Pennell’s restaurant is adorned with fresh paint and varnish.

Although there was no outstanding issue in Tuesday’s city election, yet the largest vote was polled in the town’s history, 533... Luther Roseland is to be our new mayor, defeating W.E. Garrett by 88 majority.

Keep Off the Rock

I hereby give notice that I will tolerate no trespassing by children on my property known as the Court House Rock, both because of the damage done by them and the danger to them. Picnic parties of adults are, however, permitted to use it as in the past. CHRIS DAVIG.

Sugar prices higher than they have been in 50 years is the prediction of the sugar experts, next fall and winter, it is stated, probably will see sugar sold in meager rations at almost prohibitive cost.

Cold Easter Sunday morning mercury gage stood at 12 above zero.

Stanley Johnson is proving a public benefactor, having trapped three wolves out on Nottingham Ridge this winter, getting the last one a few days ago. Incidentally, the bounty of $20 each makes a neat little pocket piece.


MARCH 24, 1920

The Highway Commission is sending out a request over the state, urging that so far as possible all automobile traffic be kept off dirt roads in general while they are drying after the frost goes out. More harm, can be done to such roads, say engineers of the Commission, in a few hours than can be remedied in as many months; and besides travel on dirt toads in such condition is injurious to automobiles.

Boys’ $3.75 button shoes, special at $2.85. at M.J. Felix’.

Salger and Rice’s garden seeds at 5¢ per package at Towner’s.

The heavy rains and fog of last week gave ample opportunity for completing removal of all hanging tobacco from the poles, so that at this writing there should be precious little of the weed that is not now in the bundle.

Notwithstanding the almost impassable condition of county roads, quite large quantities of goods have been delivered to local warehouses and received for outside shipment. It has been a desperate time to make delivery, but it comes just the same. Packing houses are now running full forces.

Mr. March, you were a pretty unruly old month. We say farewell to you with pleasure.

Robins and song birds aplenty.

Bert Crume has purchased a half-interest in John Denning’s barber shop where he has been employed the past eight months.

Editor John Frazier was over from Prairie du Chien on Saturday. While here he made purchase from the Censor, of the big newspaper press on which the Viroqua Republican was printed during its last years of existence.

School closes Thursday afternoon for a short Easter vacation.