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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


MAY 11, 1921

Notice to Patrons on Route No. 2

The Department has re-established service on said route, beginning June 1st, 1921. Patrons will please see that their mail boxes are in proper place. Also that the roads are in proper condition for travel. W.N. COFFLAND, P.M.


The Viroqua Chrystal Ice Company want to purchase a good, sound horse weighing from 1500 to 1700 pounds. Must be sound and gentle. Please notify C.I. Smith, Pres. At once.


Auto drivers must comply with the law, show both head and tail lights at night, have 1921 license plates in front and rear, keep to the right at all corners, not exceed 15 miles an hour, and park cars at the curb on Main street at a 45-degree angle. WM. B. MORRIS, Chief of Police.

The Censor has been sadly interfered with this week by reason of the current being shut off while the connection of a water main was being made.

One of the wells at city hall station was out of commission for several days. A new cylinder has been installed.

The new well is progressing nicely now. Mr. Baley reports a depth of 150 feet and has water, but not sufficient for pumping purposes.

I have loaned out over fifteen dozen milk bottles to my customers, and they must be returned to me or they will be charged for. Please get them back to me at once. Geo. Griffin.

There is an opening on the Viroqua ball team for two infielders at good salary. Any player interested write to L.L. Baptie, Chm., Viroqua, Wis.


MAY 4, 1921

A factory representative arrived in Viroqua Monday morning and is now busily engaged in installing the machinery in the plant of the Viroqua Chrystal Ice Co. the unseasonable weather is good for at least one thing – there has been no ned [sic] for ice as yet.

Second Cabin ticket to Hamburg or Berlin, Germany, via Norwegian American line costs no more than to Bergen or Christiana, Norway. Passengers have the option without extra cost of taking the famous railroad across Norwegian Alps, a 14-hour journey. Also stop over privileges in Norway before proceeding to other European continent. N.H. Nelson, Agent N-A Line.

Sundays cold rain blighted the hopes of baseball fans all over this part of Wisconsin. None of the league games were pulled off. There were plenty of disciples of Izaak Walton who braved the elements, but it was most unpleasant at the best and catches of trout were small and hardly recompensed for the trials endured.

The weatherman is sure doing penance for the mild winter and balmy March he handed us. Miserable weather, raw winds, cold rains, hard fronts and severe freezes have been the rule the last two weeks. Opinions differ as to how much damage has been done to the fruit.

Betting Prohibited

While Viroqua has been little bothered with this evil in the past, yet over-zealous fans should remember that the Western Wisconsin League representatives passed a resolution to the effect that betting is strictly prohibited at all league games, and this order will be strictly enforced.

Those having clean ashes to dump may use my lot, dump east of the house, easy to drive in and out. Grant E. Johnson.