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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


SEPT. 27, 1922

They say there is nothing new under the sun, but so far as our knowledge goes Vernon County’s bastille added a new chapter to the county’s history sometime last Saturday night when two young men awaiting trial sawed through the bars and flew to parts unknown. They were Ray Marker and Earl McDaniel, who were arrested a week or two ago on a liquor charge and were waiting for trial at the October term of court...they connived to have a hacksaw slipped to them from the outside world, make a neat job of sawing the bars and gained their freedom.

Troubles never come singly, apparently. In the midst of being desperately busy trying to issue the paper and at the same time cope with the mass of job work incident to fair week, the Censor’s big cylinder press threw a fit this morning and the result was the breakage of three very vital parts. The break was a serious one, requiring many hours to repair, and the Censor is grateful to the efficient efforts of mechanic Victor Buckles in getting us back on our feet again with the minimum of delay.

Vernon county is soon to lose one of her officials, Sept. Sam Neprud of the Asylum having been selected by the head officials of the State Tobacco Pool as Field Man for the Pool... Mr. and Mrs. Neprud have agreed to remain in charge of affairs at the asylum until after the annual meeting of the county board in November.

The Censor office has a good opening for a bright young man who is not afraid of work and wants to learn the printing trade. Apply at the office at once.


Sept. 20, 1922

The second week of the school year opened with all departments of our schools crowded to the limit. The enrollment in the high school is the largest by a large margin... The enrollment had reached three hundred twenty four by Monday noon.

All roads lead to Viroqua next week – the occasion being the 66th annual fair of the Vernon County Fair Society. Elaborate plans have been made to make this the premier event in the history of the society, and you will miss it if you miss it. The exhibits in all departments are expected to establish a record this year. The two free attractions are guaranteed to be the best...a fast field of horses assures a race meet that is bound to please you.

Announcement of the opening of Brenner’s Variety Store, which will take place Saturday morning of this week. Mr. Brenner has nicely arranged the center of the room of the Roman building and will display a nice stock...

The Fred Eckhart Company will pay 32¢ per bushel for Good Oats delivered to us within the next few days.

While at Hillsboro last week, Cyrus Butt met with an experience that nearly cost him his life. When walking on the street he was attacked by an enraged over-heated steer which later dropped dead. Cyrus was thrown to the ground, and trampled upon but finally made his escape with severe bruises and frightened beyond words. Having only recovered from a three week’s siege with an infected foot, he is fearful of what will next befall hem.