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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


DEC. 1, 1920

In spite of the lowering clouds and gloomy weather, the pulsing of thanksgiving hearts was not to be denied and Thanksgiving day maintained it reputation as a vital time in American life.

JEFFERSON – Bud- November 30 – Case weather galore, and tobacco stripping is in full swing, by the farmers of this community. The corn shredding is still humming on the ridge...

Crawford county board... Money was appropriated for the construction of a bridge within the village limits of DeSoto.

Brother Hage of Westby Times was hard put to it to issue his paper last week owing to the illness of his foreman. The Censor loaned the services of Blair R. Sherrick Friday and Saturday to “get the rag out” as printers say.

The shoe repairers of today are the nation’s greatest conservationists and are doing more to reduce the high cost of living than any individual agency.

Good old fashioned horehound candy in ten cent sacks at Johnson’s Drug Store. Get a sack.

Public Notice to bidders is hereby given that the city council of the city of Viroqua, will receive bids for doing all work and drilling a well for the City of Viroqua... said well must be 12 inches in diameter, and be approximately 300 to 500 feet deep... The work to commence on or before January 20th, 1921...

On the heels of what is probably the best collection of case periods this section has ever experienced, talk of warehouse opening is the all absorbing topic... The Eckhart house deems it advisable to open... and accordingly will open with a small crew next Monday, and it is felt that two other houses may open sooner than January 1st.


NOV. 24, 1920

It will be very hearting news to the citizens of Viroqua and vicinity to know that the hospital commission held a meeting Friday evening and decided to go ahead with the funds on hand and start construction in the spring. The commission was very enthusiastic over the proposition, and Mayor Roseland was selected to look over the plans and specifications, and see if further economics could not be effected. It is expected that the new bids will be at least 25 per cent below those of last year.

Details of a big business deal are about completed, whereby the L.C. Colman Lumber Company purchases from John W. Thayer his stock of lumber located east of the creamery, and the real estate from Luther M. Roseland, where he formerly conducted his lumber yard.

A new gas car has been ordered by the Southeastern and is expected to be in service next week. It will seat forty-four people and will have all the modern conveniences, such as air brakes, etc. The steam car tried out some time ago was rejected as unsatisfactory.

All wool underwear for men in two pieces or union. Stoll & Groves.

Two revenue men visited our five saloons yesterday, but did not find any liquor, so we understand. They ordered those who had “Wine of Pepsin” to send it back where they got it, claiming it is unlawful to sell it. The revenue men said they would not prosecute this time, but did not want the stuff to be on hand the next time they called. “Wine of Pepsin”, an intoxicating medicine had a big sale here, it is said. – Cashton Record.