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Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JAN. 15, 1919

The Sentry says influenza in Hillsboro has spent its fury; no new cases having developed.

Great moderation since 10 days ago, when we had 15 to 40 below zero for three days.

A dog belonging to Bennie Burdick jumped through one of the plate glass windows at the Hanson hardware store and shattered the pane into a thousand pieces. The animal was on the inside and evidently did not see the glass in his mad rush to get to the street. He was cut badly – Cashton Record.

Viroqua workingmen recently put the finishing touches on a beautiful modern country residence constructed the past season for Frank Zitzner at Monument Rock, one of the best country homes in the county. It is 30x30, two full stories and basement. The first story is pressed brick, upper pebble dashed, concrete porches on front and wired for electric light, finished in oak below, southern pine above, plate glass doors. Messrs. Lake and Huschka did the masonary, [sic] Hall and Burkhart the carpentry, Smith hardware the plumbing and heating.

Sizing and packing at local houses goes on interruptedly. There is lack of help in most instances. Sickness in many families is partial cause for this.

Retreat’s new creamery, which has been under construction the last season, is opened for use.

Tollef Hetland has sold the north 30 acres of his place to Ole Skillestand, who will erect a residence thereupon. He also sold to Otto Lund the seven acre tract across from the fair grounds. Mr. Lund will build a home on the same.


JAN. 8, 1919

Old-fashioned weather.

Sunday church bell chimes gave an inspiring feeling after three months stillness.

Retiring Sheriff Cowden and family have removed from the jail residence to their home in the Third ward.

Notwithstanding the stinging cold Saturday, Siron Hall and C.W. DeWitt, who live beyond Cashton, came here to mill. Others from even greater distances come on similar missions.

Earl Caldwell, who left one of the local garages to enlist, has returned from overseas.

W.E. Butt intends to interest authorities in an airship landing between fair grounds and Col. Butt’s residence, where there is a level strip of land, and in an air line from LaCrosse to Madison.

Smoke issuing from the second story of the Tower block caused the turning in of a fire alarm Saturday just before six o’clock. Investigation revealed that the motor on Dr. Wm. Trowbridge’s X-ray machine had in some manner started and became so heated that the insulation was burning. No other damage resulted.

A Victory writer tells that Frank Gillette and Frank Reise made a fish haul just north of Victory and obtained 30,000 pounds of fish. Teams are busy for a full day hauling barrels of fish to the station.

Viroqua’s educational institutions opened Monday after an enforsed [sic] shut-down of nearly three months, due to prevalence of influenza... Five of Viroqua’s seven churches held services Sunday – the first since the lid was put on in September.

Edson Roach had an early caller at his home on New Year’s morning, a lusty lunged son.

Henry Prucha, who lives near Rockton... was in Hillsboro early last Thursday morning, although fifty years of age, he walked the entire distance here and back, which is 32 miles.


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