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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JUNE 2, 1920

Editor Goldsmith has purchased of Lucius Favor the substantial brick building now occupied by the laundry, with the intention of moving the Vernon County Censor office to that location.

Steady employment for both men and women. Wages for men from 35 to 45 cents per hour; women from 25 to 35 cents per hour. Make application to Carnation Milk Products Co., Richland Center, Wis.

Snatching victory out of defeat in one of the most spectacular slugging matches ever played on the local grounds, Viroqua’s premier ball team fought its way into the lead and nosed out Lansing’s strong team Decoration afternoon by an 8 to 6 score. It was a slugfest right, with a goodly number of boneheads and ragged plays.

Every indication that the greatest acreage of tobacco grown in the county will be produced this season.

Cashton has a co-operative store, financed by farmers of that section. It is the old John Cramer stand.

June 8th, at LaFarge, a special village election will be held to vote upon the issuance of $10,000 bonds for construction of a new bridge to span the Kickapoo river on the west limits of the village.

The old sheep sheds at the fair grounds will be torn down and in their place 280 feet of cattle sheds will be erected a mark of the waning sheep industry.

Hillsboro Sentry reports that L.J. Welch, road foreman on county work near Dilly, was in town looking for men and teams. He offers $6 per day for man and team board and hay furnished, or $8 per day without board and hay.


MAY 26, 1920

Censor Price Goes to $2 per Year

Forty years ago, eggs sold for 5¢ a dozen, pork for 27¢ a pound, a man’s wage was 50¢ per day – and the Censor was a dollar a year.

Today, eggs run from 30 to 75¢ a dozen, pork from 15 to 25¢ a pound, a man’s daily wage from $4 to $10 – and the Censor is $1.50 per year.

Last December, the price of the paper upon which the Censor is printed was almost doubled in price. We are now informed that about July 1st, another radical increase in price will be made. This is the last straw!

Saturday night’s storm was marked by the most terrific rainfall we have had in years in so short a time. An amazing volume of water fell and rolled away from the hill top to inflict serious damage upon crops and newly plowed and planted fields. The low lands were covered by a sheet of mud in many places.

The result of Viroqua’s special election on the sewer bond proposition was a delightful surprise even to the most optimistic exponent of the plan, only 25 votes were mustered against it; 290 in favor thereof. This clears the atmosphere and permits the council to go ahead with all possible speed in pushing the project.

Kickapoo papers complain bitterly of the poor train service they receive these days – one mixed train a day each way, taking seven hours to make the trip of 52 miles, with the prospect of the roadbed giving way at any time at that.