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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


APRIL 13, 1921

This section of the country experienced its first touch of the crime wave sweeping the country, when between midnight and three o’clock Tuesday morning, auto bandits visited the store of S.T. Dregne at Readstown and Brindley & Kanable at Viola, getting about $600 in merchandise from the former, and eighty Collegian suits and a silk shipment valued at about $4,000 from the latter. The burglars evidently knew the lay of things in good shape, sawing open the doors, lifting the merchandise and making their getaway without being observed.

The Viola store was roped off and a blood hound secured from Mauston. The faithful kioodle trailed the varmints into the street and then stopped in helpless perplexity. Naturally he couldn’t be expected to trail an automobile tire.

Following the conferences with officials of the Wisconsin-Minnesota Light & Power Co. on Monday and Tuesday, Viroqua’s three banks agreed to take equal shares of $25,000 of that company’s bonds in order to make possible the extension of their power line from Sparta to Viroqua, total cost of which will approximate $90,000.

Spring work is opening up. Some seeding has been done in different sections. The ground is in splendid shape; soil very mellow, but a heavy warm rain is needed. Tobacco beds are being placed in readiness.

The new lime rock grinder J.A. Moen purchased from Chas. S. Slack & Co. is going fine. It has good capacity and will turn out a large quantity of ground lime stone to be used on the farms around Viroqua.

We have a large stock of wall paper to select from. O.E. Davis’ drug store.


APRIL 6, 1921

With the advent of good roads and general auto driving, the chronic law breaker is again in evidence. The ever increasing number of machines demands that traffic laws be rigidly enforced, and notice is hereby given that the speeders and those who drive with cutouts open will be arrested and fined. The speed limit in the city is 15 miles per hour, and must be adhered to particularly in the business district. L.M. ROSELAND, Mayor.

Louis Hanson was in from Readstown neighborhood... He tells us that his tobacco shed was moved off its foundation in the storm of a week ago.

We are figuring on starting a wet-wash laundry and wish to know how many customers we could count on. Those interested kindly phone 360A.

The person who found the halter in the street opposite Eckhart’s elevator Saturday morning, will please leave it at the elevator.

Dr. Wm. M. Trowbridge returned Friday from Chicago, bringing back a store of supplementary medical and surgical lore gained by several weeks of post graduate work in that city.

Viroqua school board met Monday night and elected the old instructional force without change. It is not known how many of the teachers will sign up for next year, but all contracts will be signed by the first board meeting in May.

Tuesday was the finest election day in our recollection and the warn sun and fine roads brought out a big vote considering the small number of contests.

Large can sliced pineapple .35; No. 2 Loganberries, fancy .35; No. 2 Strawberries .30; Good Prunes, per pound .10; Still have strawberry preserves at .40; Plum preserves .20. Sweger & Fleming.