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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JAN. 31, 1923

The sale of eggs by the pound instead of by the dozen, is provided for in a bill introduced by Assemblyman Price, Juneau county. This measure would establish that a dozen eggs in Wisconsin to be a legal dozen, would have to weigh one pound and a half.

H.E. Anderson announces in this week’s paper that in a few weeks he will open an ultra-modern meat market in the south room of his building, purchased from O.G. Munson several months ago, and now occupied by the Snearley restaurant. Mrs. Snearley will move across the street into the old Censor office, now occupied by Keegan & Helegson, which she purchased from Mr. Munson some months ago.

Pleasant Ridge, January 30 – Our school is closed at the present for want of a teacher. We hope a teacher will soon be secured... Pleasant Ridge is coming to the front: a basket ball team has been organized and Earl Kvale is captain and Albon Tollefson is coach. The boys have fitted up the old hall to play in... Ole Swenson sawed wood two days.

Some of the good sports of Westby have gotton their heads together and are sponsoring a big ski meet to take place on the hill between Westby and Bloomingdale on the state highway, 2 ½ miles east of Westby, near Bekkedal summer cottage, on Thursday, February 8, at 1:30 o’clock... This is the first time to our knowledge that a ski tournament has been held in this vicinity...

The Folsom Telephone Company held their annual meeting... We have a good bunch of members on our line, no slackers. They all pay up their dues and there is no knocking... Our dues for 1923 are $5.00 a phone.


JAN. 24 1923

While endeavoring to clear the traffic in order to give the fire truck a clear field, Police Officer Harold Nichols was badly injured in the limb last Saturday afternoon. Harold had gotton one car out of the way and turned to find another upon him. So to save himself he grabbed for the truck slipped and fell, dislocating his leg and tearing ligaments loose. He will be laid up for two months. It is a most unfortunate accident, as he had not fully recovered from the bad fall he sustained from the police motorcycle several months ago.

Gus Swanson has purchased from Jacob Sovde the City Restaurant, located just south of the Ford Garage. Formal opening of the same will occur Saturday evening of this week with a big oyster supper.

Mrs. Julia Collins has recently been appointed by the local board of health to assist in fumigating the homes afflicted with scarlet fever and other contagious diseases.

The P.V. Doyle store in DeSoto was recently purchased by a Mr. Prigfe of Lewiston, Minn. Inventory is being taken.


This week new classes were organized for the work of the third quarter. People seeing our students carrying ropes to school need not be at all worried. It merely means that they are taking work in rope splicing, crowning, tying knots, etc.

Some new tables are being built for laboratory work in agriculture... The hot lunches being served by our cooking class prove very popular with the little folks.