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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


Dec. 28, 1921

In last week’s Censor the editor let loose some righteous indignation on the party who took the cash from the Christmas tree in front of Johnson’s drug store. Little did we dream that our vituperations would fall upon the innocent head of one of the fair sex, yet such was the case. Miss Suttle had taken the coin in for safe keeping, unbeknown to Mr. Hass, and “Red” surely lived up to his nickname in telling people about the supposed theft – “All’s well that ends well.”

The general insurance firm of Smith & Slack have moved from the Star Theatre building to the basement of the Farmers Bank where most delightful quarters have been arranged to accommodate their growing business. They plan on having the finest suite of offices in the city and by the looks of things have made a good start.

If you have been in the habit of burning common soft coal, you will be surprised and delighted with Dixie Gem – the long-burning heavy-bodied coal. Get one load and you will use nothing else. Sold exclusively in Viroqua by the COLEMAN LUMBER CO.

The fire truck was called out to the Southeastern yards Tuesday to subdue a fire which started underneath the water tank while a water pipe was being thawed out. Practically no damage was done. The Southeastern makes a specialty of freak fires. Trying to burn up an engine and later a water tank is certainly out of the ordinary.

December 10th of this year was a remarkably pleasant day with the thermometer registering as high as 48 above. Walter Kuebler keeps a temperature record, and tells us that two years ago the mercury on that day dropped to 22 below zero.


DEC. 21, 1921

The workmen on the Masonic Temple finished laying the cornice stone today, and part of the false work has been removed so that a very good idea can be gotton of how the front will look when completed. It is most artistic and beautiful.

Main street looks very nice with its seventeen small Christmas trees and the evergreen trimmings on the lamp posts. It represents no little effort on the part of the ladies, but is a thoroughly worth while idea. The school pardge [sic], songs, Santa Claus and tree decoration and distribution will take place Friday evening.

KICKAPOO SCOUTS – A gallon of confiscated moonshine exploded on the second floor at the Lancaster jail recently where it had been stored, awaiting proper disposal. The explosion was so strong as to cause a commotion in the building.

The bazaar was a wonderful success at the Christian church at Readstown. $90 was taken in and everybody enjoyed the splendid chicken dinner.

LAFARGE ENTERPRIZES – A light snow, covering the ground, fell Monday forenoon, but by six in the evening it had all about vanished. Since then the weather has underwent a great change.

A girl who claims that her family lives near Bud and her mother is in the hospital in LaCrosse has made several house to house canvasses for money in the eastern part of the city of late. Dilligent inquiry fails to show any truth in her story and people should carefully ascertain whether there is any merit in the cases before donating to her.

Postmaster Coffland has inaugurated a new system in handling the Holiday mails. One which we know the people will appreciate. Instead of an extra clerk as heretofore, he has employed a man and auto to deliver parcels to the residents outside of lock box holders. This gets parcels out as soon as they come in on each train. The service will be continued on Christmas day.


DEC. 14, 1921

Nicholes Weber of Dach Ridge suffered the loss of his tobacco shed by fire last Thursday night. Tobacco and farm machinery in the shed were destroyed also.

Expressman Kenneth Mills asks that those who have express they wish to send out please call him by 8:30 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon. Calls coming in later than this can not be attended to until the next train.

The Viroqua Telephone Co. has purchased a new Chevrolet car.

Tom Holverson was in to renew Censor dues Saturday. Tom had just driven in from his home at Mt. Sterling – a distance of 21 miles in three hours. Some roads we’ll say.

Did you ever go into a dark closet and light a match to find something? That is dangerous. Buy an Ever Ready Flash light at O.E. Davis’ Drug Store.

Vernon is the second highest county in the state in the amount of tobacco grown. She is beaten only be Dane. About 52,000,000 pounds were raised in the state this year on 43,000 acres. Vernon County had 9,539 acres into tobacco.

Levi Allen is constructing a monster machine shop in the rear of Lund’s tailor shop. The structure faces on Rock Street and is 56x104 feet in size. Construction is of tile block. The walls are well up, and the big wooden roof trusses are being prepared.


DEC. 7, 1921

Soft moist weather continues, and has given tobacco growers a fine opportunity to strip their crops recently removed from the poles, and it is probable that ninety per cent of Vernon’s 1921 crop will be in the bundle by Saturday night of this week.

The south wall of the upper story of the burned-out municipal building toppled over Monday evening. Safe guards have been placed around the ruined structure for fear more of the wall will give way. Cashton Records.

The new oil station for Soldiers Grove has been completed and last week kerosene and gasoline arrive and was pumped into the large tanks, ready to be delivered.

For Christmas gift suggestions, see our attractive line of shirts, neckwear and hosiery. The Blue Front Store, Ellefson & Johnson.

Buy corn now of Thayer & Mills, as it will be higher as the season advances.

About 60,000 pounds of wool have been received at this place during the past two weeks and the end is not yet. The price being paid is 17¢ per pound which seems to be a satisfactory one and the wool house is a busy place now days. Viola Newslets.

“This gate swung on the Vernon County Court House square on this corner prior to 1879.” Such is the sign which hangs on an ancient gate which F.H. Williams resurrected from the loft of his barn and placed on display in the window of his shoe store. Much has happened in this city since that gate clanged to and fro to admit Vernon’s officials of nearly a half century ago.


November, 1921