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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JUNE 25, 1924

Readstown, June 23 – Last Sunday the picnic for the managers and their families of the Nuzum Lumber Company of the Kickapoo Valley was held at this place. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the dinner was served at the Lumber Yard, later the party going to Mithum’s camp grounds for a picnic supper.

Bud, June 23 – Haven’t seen any news from the little city of Bud, so will say we wish there was more sunshine instead of rain. Farmers are busy planting tobacco between the Louis Hetlen farm a big new barn is being erected... All hope for real summer weather.

It has come to my knowledge the last few days that a great deal of damage by sling-shots in the hands of youngsters, has been done. There is a city ordinance against this and parents should take steps to see that their children do not violate it. WM. CRUME, Police Officer.

Cyclonic conditions prevailed over the upper Mississippi valley all day Sunday, developing into small tornadoes in many places... The storm which stuck Vernon county crossed the river near Genoa, shortly after eight o’clock. Some damage was done in the Western part of the county, but the storm did not assume really cyclonic proportions until it reached the tip of Pierce Ridge about three miles west and a little south of the city...three funnels developed. These united into one and struck the Pierce farm buildings with a fury... Having laid waste to Pierce Ridge, the funnel seemed to lif [t] and no major damage occurred until the Hilbert Hanson place south of Viroqua... From here the storm moved up on Pleasant Ridge... It is probable that $50,000 will not cover the damage done by the storm in this county...


JUNE 18, 1924

Abundant moisture and warmer weather during the past ten days have done wonders for all growing crops. With better conditions of late, tobacco plants have come along rapidly and tobacco planting is now on in earnest. The plants are in good condition and the ground in the best of shape to receive them.

The spring has been long, cold and wet, yet crops of all kinds are responding nicely to better weather conditions...

Sealed bids for the carpenter work in roofing over the low stalls at the fairgrounds. Call on me for specifications. Bids will be opened June 28. F.M. MINSHALL.

Readstown, June 16 – Flags were displayed in our village last Saturday in observance of flag day. We had no train or mail service last Tuesday on account of a wreck. Five car loads of freight jumped the track about seven miles out of Wauzeka.


Tonsils and Adenoids

“The removal of tonsils and adenoids will not cause a rush of brains to the head.” – Wis. Anti-Tuberculosis Bulletin.

It is undoubtly true that in the days when public health was young, zealous workers laid too much stress upon the benefits that would ensure as direct result of the removal of tonsils and is not the size but the condition of the tonsils and adenoids that are of prime importance... There are one hundred and sixty four school in Vernon county. Reports from ninety-one schools show that for various reasons two hundred and fifteen children had their tonsils and adenoids removed since the beginning of the county school inspection in January 1922.


JUNE 11, 1924

This section was visited by one of the heaviest storms Sunday night which we have experienced in some years. There was no damage from wind and damage from lightning was slight, but the tremendous fall of water played havoc with the narrow valleys. Tremendous rock piles were thrown across the roads at the foot of every ravine, and the roads considerably washed. Crops in the flats suffered considerably and many small bridges were swept away... The big stone arch west of Springville has been crumbling for some time, and the storm added the finishing touches. The north wall went down, and traffic is being detoured around it. This structure was built sixteen years ago and cost $15,000.


Parochial school opened in this city on June 9, under the supervision of Elmer Larson... A large audience attended the concert given by the Luther College Band in the Westby-Coon Prairie church on June 9... The sixty-seven members of the band were entertained at various of the congregation.

Auto owners, we are featuring a smokers’ set which fastens to your windshield of the car and holds cigars, cigarettes, matches and ashes. Just the thing for your car. 50¢ each. LARSON’S JEWELRY STORE.

Genoa, June 9 – Thos. Latimer Jr., while going to LaCrosse last Wednesday in his Sedan, heard his name called several times. He stopped his car but did not hear anything, but upon starting would hear his name called again. When he had gone a distance of two miles, fearing something had happened at home, he decided to go back. It was them he received a sudden shock to find his little son, Stuart, three years old, sitting on the running board of the car, explaining, “Daddy can I get in with you.”


JUNE 4, 1924


Bernard Root flew in Saturday afternoon from Minneapolis with a fine new airplane, where he had just purchased there. The machine is practically the same as the Jackson plane, equipped with 150 horse power motor.

Pipes, Cigars and tobacco at O.E. Davis’ Drug Store.

The Vernon County Rural School Commencement will be held next Saturday June 7th, at the Fair Grounds in Viroqua. This is always a happy occasion for many people who take their picnic lunches and spend the day... Rural school teachers will be seated with their pupils...

On Memorial Day last Friday nature smiled in her loveliest manner and there was beautiful sunshine and fine weather. Consequently a large crowd assembled in observance of the day. Business places and residences were well decorated in the national colors and the big service flag floated over Main street... Just after the parade returned to Main street, the Legion men continued the march to the old cemetery, where the Salute to the Dead was given and Taps sounded for the soldiers buried there.

Viola, June 2 – Memorial Day was observed in Viola Friday forenoon at the grove in the cemetery... Quite a few persons from Viola took advantage of the fine roads and beautiful day to attend the band concert at the Temple Theatre at Viroqua on Sunday.

Monday this week was the second biggest day which the Viroqua Creamery has ever experienced. On that day over nineteen tons of cream were delivered at our creamery.

Salt by the barrel, block or bag at the Farmers Store. Leave some blocks in your pasture and see how your cattle will enjoy it. Surnson & Thompson.


May, 1924