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Five-Column Rock is one of several impressive Vernon County fragile rock formations. Five-column Rock, also known locally as Table Rock, is located west of Readstown in the valley of Sherry Creek. Recognized researchers believe it to be a remnant portion of a cave, as it is similar in appearance to regional caves. More information on local caves and rock formations is on file at the Vernon County Museum.

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La Farge Creamery

This photo is of the first creamery in La Farge, which burned down in 1916. It was replaced with a cheese factory, which now houses Organic Valley's retail store.

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Rogers Wedding

This is a scene from May 9, 1909, the day of Henry Rogers and Ella Larson's wedding. Their friends and family were waiting at the train depot in Viroqua to send them off on their wedding trip with a sign on the train saying "This car contains Henry Rogers and Bride. Congratulations are in order. Married today." Henry and Ella pulled a trick on their friends, however, and left from the De Soto depot instead. The building pictured, on Railroad Avenue, is still standing.

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Sugar Grove Ladies

These Sugar Grove Church of Christ Ladies Aid Society members were photographed about 1902 at the home of May (Hinkst) and Rudson H. Drake (seated in rear on porch). The Ladies Aid was organized April 3, 1902 for the purpose of raising money to furnish items for the new church building after an addition was built about 1900. They purchased lamps, window shades, carpet, fabric for seats and 18 chairs. After the church was dedicated in 1905, they purchased a bell. When the photo was donated to the Vernon County Museum, some of the women were identified and some had partial names. After reviewing cemetery, genealogy, census, and local history files, we are providing these names as best as we can determine from the early 1900s. Please let the Museum know if you have more complete or accurate information. (608) 637-7396. To the best of our knowledge, these are the names of those pictured:

Row 1 [L-R]: Eunice (Marshall) Smith, Alice M. (Spurrier) Williams, Nancy (Aikins) Spurrier, May (Hinkst) Drake, Fanny (Dean) McCumber, Sarah Rebecca "Beck" (Crumrine) Williams.

Row 2 [L-R]: Dr. Ida Randall, Daisy A. Turner, Dora J. Crumrine, Mary C (Daughabaugh) Alexander, Mary Rosalpha "Rose" (Smith) Kellogg, Armilda "Millie" (Smith) Toptine, Sarah A. (Foreman) Coher, Edna Eldora Williams.

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Rockton Creamery

When the original creamery at Rockton, built about 1880 by Stanton McVey, burned down in 1925, Buford Wood (1896-1967) and his wife, Golda (Tate) Wood (1899-1976), constructed this temporary replacement. They are shown standing in the doorway. Golda, then a mother of four young children, assisted in the construction by hauling lumber for the building from La Farge in their Oldsmobile. A detailed family history and a later photo of Buford and Golda can be found in the 1994 book: Vernon County Heritage. Buford and Golda are buried at the Star Cemetery in the town of Stark.

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