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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


APRIL 2, 1919

By a substantial majority the voters of Vernon county, at Tuesday’s election, decided that a man, instead of a woman, is preferred to manage their educational affairs. The campaign was conducted in a spirited manner and leaves no doubt of the attitude of the people on that question.

With the city council or some committee or person familiar with the complete facts furnish for publication the information which the public ought to have before being called upon to vote $50,000 for a city hospital? This suggestion is made in all good faith.

The ferry between DeSoto and Lansing is again a reality for the season, with J.L. Adams as owner, pilot and captain. Three trips a day for passengers and vehicles.

After a long, hard siege the influenza has been raised at LaFarge, schools, churches and public gatherings resumed. LaFarge has been fortunate in few losses by death.

Carl E. Johnson, Esofea merchant, was in the city on Friday, for the first time since last fall. While here he purchased a Ford truck to use in carting his merchandise and the produce form his store between Esofea and the railroad stations in the city. Also the product of Esofea creamery. For two years past Buchanan Brothers have done this hauling, but asked to be relieved.

Viroqua is favored by the addition... Paul J. Koeppe... from LaCrosse. He purchased the barn and kitchen at the sale of county property last Saturday, and will dismantle them and erect a modern bungalow on the corner of West Decker and Center avenue. Mr. Koeppe is an expert decorator and painter...


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