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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


SEPT. 13, 1922

No piece of machinery of its size entering Viroqua has attracted more attention than the modern popcorn and peanut roaster which George Pennell has just installed in his restaurant. The machine is all electrical, each kernel is buttered as it is popped, and a blower arrangement at the bottom which agitates the beautiful white kernels with electric lights on each side, is a never failing source of interest to people passing his window.

It probably is best not to make any more night auto trips than necessary, and when you do don’t stop to pick up passengers or investigate articles found laying in the road. Although against the law, yet a revolver carried in your car when night trips are necessary adds somewhat to a person’s peace of mind. Take precautions, but don’t become hysterical.

A special meeting of the electors of Col. May school district was held last Wednesday evening and it was voted to rebuild the school house which was so mysteriously destroyed by fire several days ago. The new structure will be of brick veneer construction, and slightly larger than the old school – 33x37 feet – and work will be started as soon as possible.

As the Censor goes to press, the last loads of concrete are being laid on the eastern pavement contract which completes Viroqua’s paving contracts.

Ole Rund brought in two mighty fine leaves of tobacco last week. They... measured 22x36 inches. Ole has five acres of the same, all running very uniform.

Following the extremely hot weather and drought of the past six weeks, broken last Thursday by copious downpours, a period of cool weather set in and light frost was reported Monday morning.


SEPT. 6, 1922

The country to the west of Viroqua is greatly incensed over the burning of the fine brick Col. May school house. At five o’clock Monday morning, the structure was discovered in flames and was completely destroyed. As the building has not been occupied during the summer vacation, the fire was undoubtedly of incendiary origin. The loss is a grievous one to the district, as the structure could not be replaced for $10,000.

Reports coming in from those who are soliciting for the Tobacco Warehouse are very encouraging. There is no doubt but what sufficient stock will be sold to cover any Warehouse that may be required to handle the tobacco tributary in Viroqua... Every tobacco grower in this locality should be interested in this warehouse.

The progressive ladies of Viroqua are to be congratulated on their enterprise in beautifying the city of Viroqua. The fruit of their labors of several months ago is now bearing fruit, Electrician Seiler and his crew extending the white way down past Gillette Street on Main, installing six new light posts.

In order to improve sanitary conditions in Viroqua, the Board requests that Viroqua people who are using cess pools connect up with the city sewage system as rapidly as possible. The system needs the water for its successful operation. The board has full power to arbitrarily order all cess pool users to connect at once but much prefers that this action be not necessary and that connection be made at the convenience of users, providing this is done, within a reasonable time. BOARD OF HEALTH, Viroqua.


August, 1922