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100 Years Ago

Glimpses of life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


MAY 8, 1918

The Vernon County Milling Co. at Hillsboro was ordered to sell 30 per cent of its output of flour for April and 40 per cent for May for the government.

Special at Roman’s Grocery while it lasts, bacon 35c per pound, picnic hams 25c per pound.

The new physician and family, Dr. Benson, have moved to the Devlin residence.

There are four things we would advise a motorist to look out for. They are: A woman driving a car, a boy riding a bicycle, a chicken and a Ford.

Mr. and Mrs. John Coleman of LaFarge are rejoicing over the arrival of a son. Mrs. Coleman was formerly Miss Esther Tuhus of this city.

Earl Unseth of Westby, successfully passed the state examination for registered pharmacist. He is also expecting to receive his diploma from the Illinois school of Pharmacy in June.

The county road committee and highway commissioner made an official visit to DeSoto section, recently. As a result the long Davis hill will be placed in better condition and Coldwell flats near DeSoto, made more passable. This road is on the county system and will be looked after more carefully in the future.

Construction work on the new training school building is being rapidly pushed. The concrete foundation walls are completed and brick mostly laid for the ground story pf the building. Contractors say that during their absence from work – mornings, evenings and Sundays – children congregate about the place and interfere with things. There is danger of their getting hurt. Parents are requested to caution their children to keep away from the premises.


MAY 1, 1918


Friday was the only warm day in April.

See “Wisconsin Troops at Camp McArthur” in six big reels at the Star, Sunday afternoon and evening.

Special Saturday, at Olson’s Variety store, 100 dozen gray enamel ware dish pans, wash basins, pudding pans, etc. at 19c each.

Because under age Burdette Barry was rejected for navy service. He went to Madison to enlist.

Attorney and former Assemblyman Lawrence Grimsrud of Westby, has returned to his first love, the farm, having purchased the place of Melvin Solberg in Spring Coulee.

Larson Brothers have installed a three-horse electric motor in their marble works, which furnishes power for driving engraver’s tools, cutting and polishing granite and other work.

Not until they received letters direct from their son in France were Mr. and Mrs. Burkhart, of this city, conscious of the fact that their son Chester was alive and well... The glad tidings came to them through two letters received last Saturday bearing date of March 28, written by the young man himself. They had supposed, as did the public, that Chester lost his life in the trenches on March first... In the letter to his parents protesting that he was “very much alive” young Burkhart said he wished them as good health and strength as he was enjoying.

The city fire department was called out on Tuesday and Wednesday on alarms from the home of Sterly May and Mrs. Hovde. In each case the incipient blazes were quenched before the ladies arrived on the scene.


April, 1918