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100 Years Ago

Life in Viroqua from the Vernon County Censor:


JUNE 11, 1919

After quite a little difficulty in getting passports and passage arranged for, because of these times when space on ocean going vessels is at a premium, L.L. Stromland and Ole Thompson are on their way to pay a visit to the fatherland, Norway. Mr. Stromland said that his passage coming over cost him $34. He will have to pay $150 to get back, but he is considerably more able to pay the larger amount now than the smaller sum then.

The last published official statement of Vernon County’s fifteen banking institutions... exhibits a financial standing for our county that is truly gratifying... Every bank in the county showed a substantial gain, some of them in a remarkable degree.

Beginning Friday, June 13, and commencing for ten days, we will sell ten pounds best cane sugar for one dollar. Good patent flour at $3.29 per sack. Surenson & Dahl.

Certain people in Retreat-West Prairie community are much interested just now in a proposition involving the re-location of the highway as part of the county trunk line between West Prairie and the old Chase grave yard. The trunk line as designated and established turns southward at West Prairie and with many twists and turns penetrates the village of Retreat, thence passing on by the Albert Broadhead residence to the Chase corner.

Advocates... want... a direct straight drive from the West Prairie store to the old Chase cemetery... it is a much shorter route, at least two and a half miles. DeSoto Argus.

The violet club is giving a party at Dyson’s Mapledale cottage today in honor of Mrs. Arthur Hubbard and Mrs. Edith Lindemann.


JUNE 4, 1919

Last week brought summer heat almost every day. Mercury went to 85.

John Denning, barber, under Lindemann bank. Clean towels and linen.

Nearly the entire quota of city teachers, on Monday, departed for the several homes elsewhere.

City siren will hereafter blow at 7, 12, 1 and 6 o’clock, at no other time except in case of fire.

WANTED – Teamsters and laborers, $3.50 per day. Board $7.00. Frank J. McCaughay, Contractor, Readstown, Wis.

An ice cream social will be held in the town hall at Newton, Saturday, June 7, and Sunday for the benefit of the Methodist church. Everybody invited.


A few evenings ago, parties took a car from Viroqua and ran it until the gasoline tank ran dry. It was found on a side street.

A little later, two young men took a car, drive it to Cashton, and tanked up with a load which made Milwuakee famous, drove back to Viroqua, and ran it through Senator Bennett’s premises; where it stalled and they abandoned it. One received $20 and costs; the other is out on probation.

Captain and Mrs. Butters unobtrusively slipped in from Camp Grant Saturday morning... a large part of his service [in France] was the responsible and exacting position of being in charge of the headquarters companies of the 32nd division, feeding 17,000 men.

The physicians of the city met with the city commission and Architect Dockendorff of LaCrosse Monday evening to recommend plans for the hospital.


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